Concept Art

Providing complete visual design & development services for  Feature Films, Television Shows, PC / Console Games and Intellectual Properties. Whether you have Characters or Creatures, Props or Vehicles, Landscapes or Environments that needs to be realized, from Rough Concepts to Finished Designs, Mauricio Ruiz will effectively deliver top quality imagery within the time frame of your project.

  • 2D Thumbnail Sketches
  • Rough 2D Images / 3D Sculptures
  • Color Exploration
  • Polished 2D Painting / 3D Renders
  • Photo-realistic Images
  • Special FX Makeup Design (Prosthetic or CG)
  • Adaptable to any Project’s Art Style (Cartoon to Realistic, Children to Adults)

Character Design

Specializing in Character Creation for Feature Film and Network Television Studios, PC, Console and Mobile Game studios, and other Intellectual Properties. With a solid foundation in traditional figure drawing and painting, a powerful knowledge of Human and Animal Anatomy, and an aesthetic for either the Organic or Hard Surface, Mauricio Ruiz can help realize your vision and bring your characters to life!

  • Heroes & Villains
  • Humans & Aliens
  • Creatures (G-rated to R-rated)
  • Indigenous Wildlife (Plants & Animals)
  • Robots
  • Undead
  • Costume Design
  • Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Historically Based

Costume Design

Transforming the words of the script into visual imagery that creates the look of a character, by helping to make them believable and supports the narrative in a fictional universe. In other words, costume design is storytelling.

  • Specialty Suits (Armored Suits, Space Suits, etc.)
  • Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Historically Based
  • Fashion


Using 2D and 3D Art and Design to communicate a story, message or idea. After defining the briefs to inform, persuade or entertain a client’s intended audience, we can begin to adjust the mood and style of the illustration accordingly. Mauricio Ruiz will liaising with clients, editors and authors in order to understand and interpret their business needs.

  • Traditional & Digital Illustration
  • Roughs & Color Exploration
  • Stylized to Photorealism
  • 2D & 3D Illustration
  • Editorial (Magazines, Comics, Newspapers, etc.,)
  • Books (Children’s, Graphic Novels, Covers, etc.)
  • Merchandizing
  • Fashion
  • Corporate
  • Multimedia (Video Games, Websites, etc.)